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Sleep Information
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Do you know how much sleep your child should be having?

1 week old = 16.5 hrs

3 months = 4-5 hrs day time and 10-11 hrs night time

6 months = 3 hrs day time and 11 hrs night time

12 months = 2.5 hrs day time and 11 hrs night time

2 years = 1.5 hrs day time and 11.5 hrs night time

3 years = 0-45 mins day time and 11.5-12 hrs night time

4 years = 11.5 hrs night time

5 years = 11 hrs night time

These are the amount of hours it is recommended that children need at given ages (NHS 2017). Does this sound about right for your child? Are they getting the recommended amount? However, it it important to realise that this is an average and your child might need a little more or a little less and that's fine too! It is worth considering how your child is in the day time to get a good idea of whether they have enough sleep. Are they too tired to concentrate at nursery? Is it affecting their behaviour? Are they needing a nap very early? Are they overtired when it comes to bed time? 

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