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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will I have to leave my child to cry?

A. Whilst I can't promise that your child won't cry at all, I would never recommend that you leave your child to cry. To be able to sleep well your child needs to feel safe and secure so I will always encourage you to respond to your child to help them feel safe and secure. If your child is crying I will always recommend that you give them a cuddle or breast feed or respond in the way that feels right to you and your baby; always trust your instincts. I will work with you to find gentle sleep solutions that suit both you and your child. 

Q. Could you come to our home over night to help put the plan into place?

A. No, I don't carry out any sleep training with your child directly as I feel it is important to give you the tools and confidence to be able to manage your child's bed time. If things were to change in the future (such as holidays/illness changing routines) you would then have the knowledge and confidence to put these measures in to place again without having to rely on someone else. 

Q. Do you do consultations for newborns? 

A. I don't recommend any sleep training for children under a year. Babies simply aren't supposed to sleep for long periods of time at night and trying to encourage this can put them at greater risk of sudden infant death (see Lullaby Trust for more info). If you would like a discussion on understanding your baby's development, sleep needs, information on age related sleep expectations and encouraging a good bed time routine that will help your baby prepare for sleep, these can be arranged. This will also include discussing ways to manage the effects of broken sleep for you and how to maximise the sleep you do have (1 hour telephone call £50/1 hour home visit £60).  

Q. What can I expect from the assessment? 

A. I allow around 2 hours for the assessment, in this time I will ask a number of questions so I have a full picture of your family's situation and night time routines, your parenting style, your child's personality and any other complicating factors. This time also gives us a chance to rule out any medical conditions or complications that may need to be reviewed or resolved first. It is important that you have the time to tell me what you want to achieve and we can discuss normal sleep physiology, child development, expectations and strategies that you will feel confident using that you feel will suit you and your child - not one method fits all! It is not essential that your child is present, but some parents like me to meet their child first. If your child is present it would be helpful that someone else is also present so we are able to continue the assessment without too many distractions, or I can visit during nap time! 

Q. Do you have gift vouchers? 

A. Absolutely! What could be better than the gift of sleep? We can send vouchers to you or directly to the recipient, they just then need to call to book a time convenient to them. Vouchers are valid for 1 year.

Q. What sleep problems can you help with?

A. We support all areas of sleep such as bed time routines and putting these into place, frequent night wakings, reducing or stopping night feeds, transitioning to sleeping in a cot or toddler bed from bed sharing, night terrors, early rising and difficulties with day time naps. Often families have a number of these problems and we find ways to help your child feel supported through these transitions in a way that focuses on their needs enabling them to feel happy and confident which leads to long term results.