Dreading bed time? 

At Counting Sheep Sleep Coaching we aim to make bed time a calm, enjoyable part of the day, leading to a better night's sleep for the whole family.

Personalised gentle sleep coaching for families with children ages 1-5 years. 

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About me

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Hi, I’m Soma (and that’s Sam!), I’ve been a Registered Nurse since 2010 and in 2013 qualified as a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse and as part of my job within the NHS I have supported many tired parents with their children’s sleep which has always been a special interest for me. Then in 2016 my son was born and I got a real insight into how all those parents I’d given advice to are really feeling! Sam was the ultimate sleep thief. I co-slept as he made it very clear from day one he needed to be close to me at all times, he breastfed mostly hourly (anything from 45 mins was normal for us, a 2 hour stretch of sleep was a rare treat!) up until the age of 14 months. I had returned to work when he was 11 months old, working night shifts with no childcare in the daytime meant absolutely no sleep for me… it became apparent our normal was no longer sustainable for me. Without my knowledge and experience I’m not sure how long we would have continued like this for, however, within 4 nights he went from hourly waking and feeding to sleeping through from 7pm-7am and has continued ever since (bar the odd night when big monkey falls out of reach). Unfortunately, life today often means returning to work sooner than we’d like and having to fit this and everyday life in with a child who doesn’t sleep can be totally exhausting, but it is possible to find gentle and responsive ways to help your child settle to sleep and learn to return to sleep without you when they wake in the night. I will always prioritise attachment and encourage you to use methods that  feel right for you - if it does't feel right for you, it won't feel right for your child and will not be sustainable. Every child is different, just as every parent is different so the techniques used will be different for each family. I love getting to know families and finding solutions that work for their individual child that parents feel confident and happy to put into place – there is nothing better than hearing their child is now sleeping through the night and the difference this has made to their lives!

If you think I can help your family, then have a look at the packages available and feel free to contact me with any questions or a free no obligation chat to see if Counting Sheep is right for you. 

I look forward to hearing from you,

Soma Amos   RN, SCPHN BSc (Hons), Level 3 Sleep Training. 

(Enhanced DBS).


My Services

Nursery Room

Home Consultation

Our home consultation package includes: 

  • Initial phone call

  • Analysis of sleep diaries

  • Home consultation (allowing 2 hours)

  • Personalised written plan 

  • Email or text support for 3 weeks

  • Phone call end of week 1 (30 mins)

  • Phone call end of week 3 (30 mins)


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Basic Package

  • Initial phone call

  • Home or telephone consultation (allowing 2 hours).

  • Personalised written plan 

  • Follow up phone call (20 mins)


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Telephone Consultation

Our telephone consultation package is all completed over the phone. Includes:

  • Initial phone call

  • Analysis of sleep diaries

  • Telephone consultation (allowing 2 hours)

  • Personalised written plan

  • Email or text support for 3 weeks

  • Phone call end of week 1 (30 mins)

  • Phone call end of week 3 (30 mins)


Moms and Babies

Sleep Clinic

Group Sessions

New! I'm looking at running some group sessions later this year. Do you have some friends or an NCT group and would like to book a private session just for yourselves or would you be interested in coming to a session and meeting other parents in similar situations while finding solutions for your sleep problems?

Get in touch if this is something you would be interested in as it is still in the planning stage! ​


Children Jumping on the Bed

Additional calls/Home visits

  • If you feel you need a further call following one of the packages.

  • If you have used our service previously but something has changed (illness has got you out of routine/dropping naps/a new problem arises)

  • This can also be booked if you have a baby under 1 year and would like to discuss normal infant sleep and ways of promoting healthy sleep routines. 


per hour

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Baby Massage

Coming soon! I will soon be offering baby massage to help improve your baby's sleep. Regular classes and 1:1 sessions will be available. 


Areas Covered

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We are based in Midhurst, West Sussex, and for home visits cover areas surrounding Portsmouth, Havant, Chichester, Bognor, Littlehampton, Worthing, Shoreham, Brighton, Steyning, Hassocks, Haywards Heath, Petworth, Southwater, Horsham, Petworth, Pulborough, Arundel, Haslemere, Liphook, Petersfield and Guildford.


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Heading 3

Lucy Harris

We just wanted you to know what a huge difference you’ve made after just 2 days - you have given me so much confidence to put Mia’s plan in place. I am a big fan of your approach - I never thought I could achieve such a great balance of being firm but still kind & loving - it’s made the transition to her new routine so much easier on us both & is having such a positive impact on us all already.

I know it’s only 2 nights in & a long way to go but we’ve had no fuss at bedtimes & she seems to be thriving in her new routine, I actually feel like a new person after 2 full nights of uninterrupted sleep - I still can’t believe it & we honestly could not be more grateful - it really has change our lives!!  

Lucy Harris

Soma helped me get my daughter to sleep through in her own room after THREE YEARS of broken nights and sleeping on the floor beside her bed. After speaking to Soma and following her clear advice we quickly got it sorted and I feel human again. Cannot recommend highly enough!


Natalie Leal 

I contacted Soma following the birth of my daughter in August. It turns out babies don't come with an instruction manual and I was getting increasingly anxious about Ella first sleeping too much and then not enough. I just wanted some advice on what was appropriate sleep for a new born and how to get Ella off to a good start. Soma was able to provide that easily over the phone and gave me confidence in understanding the sleep needs of my baby. I now realise the importance of night time feeding and with her advice and guidance I have started to implement a bed time routine. I feel so reassured that I might actually be able to survive this whole child raising business! 

Melanie Ades

I was worried what sleep training would entail, but there was no need. Soma spent time getting to know me and to understand my parenting style and helped us find strategies that were responsive and gentle, meaning that bed time is now an enjoyable part of our day and my son now sleeps through the night. I'm still amazed he took to it so well! Thoroughly recommend! 

Sophie Edmunds

For more information and tips 
for your family's sleep follow us on Facebook or head to our                 page!

We found Soma after months of broken sleep and constant night feeds!  I loved the fact that she doesn't endorse the 'crying it out' method and only ever suggested ideas that we felt comfortable to put into practice. She came to our house and analysed our daily routine and bedtime routine and came up with a plan.  We were warned that the first few nights would be the worst (they were hell!). Soma was always messaging the next morning to check to see how we had got on.  She was incredibly supportive and understanding and I could not have done it without knowing she was there on hand the next morning with reassuring words and suggestions for the next night. Soma always made me feel comfortable and was so easy to talk to. 

After only a short period of time and consistency, Eliza is now sleeping from 7pm-6.30/7am every night and will put herself back to sleep when she wakes up in the middle of the night.  We are so grateful we found Soma and would a million percent recommend her to anyone trying to tackle their sleep thief. 

Thank you again x 


Lydia Barnard